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I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE online. Does anyone have any idea where I could find them, or what they might be called? 

I’ve tried every combination of: stone, triangle, bead, pendant etc.


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Fluffers and tree, dynamic duo.

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Where are you from?

Just as I opened this to reply a hummingbird caught my attention by buzzing outside my window. He was bright red.

British Columbia, Canada. 

Sorry, I just saw a reply to a post you had made and I replied with something similar but I promise I didn't see you had written almost the same thing. I guess we think alike. I don't like when people copy my stuff so I just wanted to letcha know that I hadn't seen your reply and didn't copy you! Sorry! :)

Hey there! I have no idea what you’re referring to, but it’s pretty hard to bother me, so I can assure you it is A-OK. :)


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I was going to take a picture of the sunset but missed the lavender stage, but then I saw the moon. I took roughly 10 terrible photos, and this is the least embarrassing. ;-)

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Self portrait


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Guess who got some babies.

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